oro blanco mimosas Recipe

Last weekend my friend Jaime and I were shopping at the Vietnamese market in Chicago and discovered oro blanco fruit. The market had a huge bin of the fruit for a great price.

We had the genius idea of using the juice from the fruit for mimosas instead of traditional orange juice. The fruit was really full of juice. Oro blanco juice is less sweet than orange juice. The mimosas were delicious with Sunday morning brunch.

Oro blanco is a cross between grapefruit and pomelo and is much less bitter than grapefruit. If you can’t find oro blanco, you can use a 50:50 mix of grapefruit and orange juice. I personally love grapefruit, so I find the mix superior to straight orange juice for mimosas.

For the Champagne, I like Gruet, which is not technically Champagne because it is made in New Mexico and not France. It’s a great reasonably priced sparkling wine that I consider my house drink. You could also use prosecco.

By the way, I love going to Tai Nam market in Chicago to purchase all of my Vietnamese and Thai ingredients. They have a good selection of fresh, hard to find Asian produce and all of the staples you will need.

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8Oro blanco fruits
2 bottlesChampagne, chilled



  1. Halve the oro blanco and juice.
  2. Fill Champagne glasses half full with chilled Champagne.
  3. Add juice to fill the glass.
  4. Enjoy immediately!

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