chicken milanese arugala Diary

This chicken milanese recipe from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook consists of an easy breaded and fried chicken cutlet, served with an arugula and fennel salad. The flavors are sharpened by the mustard dressing, which serves as a nice contrast to the fried chicken cutlet.

The chicken cutlet is quite versatile and can be served with different types of salads or pasta. I also think that the chicken would be great in my recipe for Chinese chicken salad.

I normally try to avoid frying food in my kitchen, mostly because of the mess and the amount of oil that is needed. However, because the chicken is pounded flat, you don’t need to use as much oil as is required for deep-frying. I have also found that this chicken is really not at all greasy.

This recipe calls for Japanese panko breadcrumbs. You can buy panko in the Asian section of your grocery store or online. I really like the texture of panko and tend to use it a lot when breadcrumbs are required in a recipe.

By the way, I really like the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I have made several recipes from this book and they have all turned out well. It is well-worth it to purchase this cookbook.

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What I Would Change

I did not change anything in this recipe and it was great! Be sure to plan ahead. Although this recipe is simple, you do need to refrigerate the chicken cutlets for an hour to set the breading. You can also coat the chicken and refrigerate overnight to save time the next day.

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